CXC and reopening of Schools

News Press Release

– Education Minister Anthony Garcia confirmed that CAPE/CSEC exams will begin on July 13th 2020. The exams will comprise a Paper 1 (Multiple Choice) and a School Based Assessment (SBA). In subject areas where no SBA is required (Spanish, French Portuguese, or Human & Social Biology) there will be a Paper 2. In subject areas like Visual Arts, students will be required to present a journal as a replacement for their SBA. For Physical Education and Sport, the assessment will be based on a written plan for the tournament instead of the actual tournament.


– CXC has admitted that a suggested exam timetable was sent out prematurely.  A new, authentic timetable will be distributed next week.


– Cleaning supplies (disinfectants, hand soaps, sanitisers, toilet paper and tissues) will be distributed to Secondary Schools from the first week in June.


– The Ministry of Health has provided a list of requirements ahead of the staging of exams in July. Schools must be properly sanitised ahead of students entering the classrooms. The Ministry of Education is also working with the Ministry of Health to acquire thermal scanners for students/teachers to ensure they don’t have a temperature before entering the schools to write their exams. A screening process will take place ahead of students sitting the exams. Extra hand sanitisers/extra sinks will also be distributed for schools in need. Officials are also ensuring bathrooms and sinks are in good working order.


– Minister Garcia said CXC has decided to extend the deadline date for the submission of School Based Assessments (SBAs) to June 30th. Even though teachers have been working online with their students, this new extension might require teachers and students to visit their schools in the next month to complete their assignments. They can do so from June 7th to 30th to have one-on-one meetings ahead of handing in the SBAs. Only five (5) students are to be on a school compound at a time.


– For exams, students will be situated six to 10 feet away from each other. The entire school compound will be used so there will be enough space for physical distancing. Protocols for staggered entries and exits for students will be put in place at the schools to ensure there are no gatherings before or after exams.


– More Moderators will be required ahead of all CXC exams. The Ministry of Education is on a drive to get more Moderators. Training for Invigilators will begin online to ensure that they are well-prepared.


– A meeting was held with TTUTA on the SEA Exams yesterday, but Minister Garcia said he will give an update later.


– Schools will officially open on September 1st 2020.

– In excess of 4,500 teachers have been accessing MOE Education Platform to work with their students.