Friday, January 21, 2022

School Safety Officer



JOB TITLE: School Safety Officer


Provides support to the Principal and other stakeholders in education by contributing to the establishment and maintenance of a safe, tranquil and disciplined school environment and by extension, the community.  Emphasis is focused on the implementation of policies outlined in the School Security Plan such as the engagement of initiatives in matters relating to health, safety and security, mitigation of risks and policy/law enforcement.



Assistant Education Coordinator, School Supervision






·         Develops a School Safety Plan specific to the school environment assigned, under the direction of the Principal.

·         Implements the School Security Plan, including the enforcement of health, safety and security policies and makes recommendations to the Principal for enhancement.

·         Conducts a general risk assessment and identifies dangerous situations in and around the school or involving students at school related activities and makes recommendations on strategies to prevent and/or minimize potential threats.

·         Responds to all emergency situations on the school compound and renders emergency aid, where necessary.

·         Investigates and submits reports on all incidents at the facility and maintains a register/log of these incidents.

·         Patrols school compound, deters student loitering and adopts necessary action to ensure policies are adhered to and prevent theft and property damage.

·         Monitors and evaluates students’ behaviour in cafeterias, restrooms, corridors, halls parking lot etc. and other open locations.

·         Assists in the supervision and direction of after-school activities including transportation services for students.

·         Addresses student in-discipline and other challenging situations to the health, safety and security of users by adopting a pre-emptive approach.

·         Conducts exercises in the handling of emergency evacuations such as fire drills etc.

·         Promotes health, safety and security issues both at school and home through training programs, lectures and advice/discussions with staff and students.

·         Advises and makes recommendations to the Principal on matters related to health, safety, security, student welfare, discipline and legal issues such as infraction of the law within a school environment.

·         Assists with the development and management of safety documentation.

·         Develops guidelines for the establishment of a school security team within the school and services as a member.

·         Works closely with the Principal, regarding planning and coordinating school activities.

·         Performs other related duties as directed by the Principal or authorized person.






  • Working knowledge of the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago including the Police Service Act, Regulations, Amendments, Supplemental Police Act, Summary Offences Act, Education Act, Malicious Damages Act, Children’s Act, Sexual Offences Act, Offences Against the Person Act, Gambling and Betting Act, Firearms Act, or Explosives Act, Litter Act. OSHA, Dangerous Drugs Act, EMA Act.
  • Working knowledge of arrest procedures.
  • Knowledge of basic institutional security measures, First Aid and CPR techniques
  • Good report writing, mediation and conflict resolution skills.




  • Ability to effectively implements school policies and procedures, respond appropriately to sensitive and emergency situations and communicate tactfully and effectively.
  • Ability to remain open-minded, objective and establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues and members of the public.



·         Five (5) Ordinary Level subjects (GCE or CXC) of which English Language and Mathematics must be included.

·         Certification in Occupational Safety and Health

·         Certificate in First Aid (including CPR)

·         Training in Security Management and Law Enforcement

·         Three (3) to five (5) years in security/Law Enforcement

·         Any other equivalent combination of qualification, training and experience will be considered.



·         Good health and Physical fitness is fundamental in the exercise of the functions of a School Safety Officer.  The holder is require to be in a state of health and fitness as not to impair his/her ability  to carry out the functions of the position as work involves conducting patrol duties on a large compound, ascending/descending stairs and pursuing suspects.

·         School Safety Officers will be required to obtain a precept during their employment.  The requirement for obtaining a precept is outlined in sections 8 to 10 of the Supplement Police Act, Chapter 15:02 of 1906 (with amendments) of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.